Dog Trainers

Today I hosted a get together for group of fellow dog professionals.  It is one of the events encouraged by the organization I belong to for dog professionals. The International Association of Dog Professionals is the name of the organization, also known as the IACP. We had beautiful fall weather, a bit breezy and cool, but lots of sun. We talked dogs and ate some food, exchanged ideas on training, dealing with clients, and other topics. We had several dogs in attendance as well, who hung out on their mats or beds while we visited. Although all who attended today are dog trainers, the IACP is open to anyone in the dog profession, groomers, vet techs, pet sitters, etc.. The regional get togethers are not for members only, we encourage any dog professional to come and join us.  Our regional group covers central and southwestern Ohio. After a fun afternoon, we decided to try to schedule our next regional get together in March.  Normally, the IACP annual conference is in March, but in 2008 it will be in June instead. It is held in Hutto, Texas at Triple Crown Academy and dog trainers from all over the world attend. We not only have great presenters but we make a lot of friends. Having that network of friends and fellow trainers is very a valuable resource. Here is a photo of me and two of my dog trainer friends, Robin McFarlane of That’s My Dog in Wisconsin and Renee Lamoureux, ofFollow Me Dog Training in  Virginia. 


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