The Howl Walk

Although the Howl-O-Ween walk was two weeks ago, I though posting a picture or two would be nice. Since I managed to forget my camera, I had to figure out how to scan in the photo’s one of my teammates took. Costumes were optional for the dogs. We all had fun and the dogs have decide that humans are strange. We had all of our dogs “place” on a bench that was along the trail we took. From left to right are Molly: a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, Cap: an English Shepherd, Riley: a Rottweiler, Sawyer: an Austrailian Cattle Dog and Zeke: a German Shepherd.  Riley, in the football jersey was an Ohio State Buckeye Football Star and Cap,  in the Men Working costume,  was one of the Village People. There were a lot of dogs with really great costumes.

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