Grand Dog Program

This is our most popular program and your participation strengthens the human canine relationship.  You will enjoy walking your dog, having him come when called, and sit and lay down when told upon completion of the program.

This is for those who have the time to devote and enjoy the process of training their own dog.  It requires commitment to daily practice with your dog as we advance through the instruction.  This program includes four private lessons, followed by four group classes and group walks, weather permitting, to help you train with added distractions. Training includes: 

Good Manners                                    

  • Off of specific furniture
  • No jumping on people
  • Quiet on command
  • Waiting at the door
  • Eliminate play-biting


  • Sit on command
  • Down on command
  • Go to a specific place
  • Walk with you on a loose lead
  • Come when called

The cost for this program is $995. Equipment provided includes a remote collar and a leather leash.