Jump Start Program

You will be an active participant in this program as we share in the teaching of the training. Your dog will stay with us for five days and gets a jump start on the training.

We then work together in private lessons to refine skills introduced at camp. Includes four private training sessions, invitation to four group classes and group walks as weather permits.  


Training with this program includes:

Good Manners                                    

  •      Off of specific furniture
  •      No jumping on people
  •      Quiet on command
  •      Waiting at the door
  •      Eliminate play-biting


  • Sit on command
  • Down on command
  • Go to a specific place
  • Heel (walk next to you)
  • Come when called

The cost of this program is $1495. Equipment provided includes a remote collar, model appropriate for your dog and a leather leash.  Boarding fees are included. Camp programs must be scheduled in advance due to limited availability.