Super Star Program

If you don’t have the time or the desire to devote to training, this is the program that does it all for you.  Your dog will stay with us for two weeks and we will teach him to be a polite and well-mannered family member.  We will take him to a variety of environments in order for him to practice all of his new skills.

This program includes follow-up with our trainers as what we teach is good for the life of your dog.  Also included are unlimited group classes and group walks as weather permits. 

Training with this program includes:

Good Manners                                    

  •      Off of specific furniture
  •      No jumping on people
  •      Quiet on command
  •      Waiting at the door
  •      Eliminate play-biting


  • Sit on command
  • Down on command
  • Go to a specific place
  • Heel (walk next to you)
  • Come when called

The cost of this program is $2995. Equipment provided includes remote collar, cot for place command and a leather leash. Boarding fees and food are also included. Camp Programs must be scheduled in advance due to limited availability.