Post Furry Skurry Update

Well, another Furry Skurry has come and gone and the Grand Dog’s Team from Aunt Faye’s Dog Training had fun once again. It was a beautiful day, not too hot, not too cool, and best of all, no rain! It was a new experience for one of our team members and her dog. They were a bit nervous about the crowd and all the other dogs but it all went well. I don’t know how many people were there but it was quite a large crowd. All of our dogs behaved well and posed for several pictures.
The walk started on a path and went on through a residential area on sidewalks. We came to a beautifiul bed of yellow iris so we had to stop and get a picture. We posed the dogs using our obedience commands, namely a “down” command.

The next place we came to that yelled out “photo op” was an embankment with some huge rocks at the top. We put the dogs on the rocks using the both the “place” and the “down” commands.

We visited the vendor booths afterwards and sat at a table with our dogs and had some lunch. The local police department K9 handlers posed for pictures after doing a demo of some of their skills.

It was a long walk, 5k, and the dogs were tired. They saw a lot more dogs than they are used to seeing all in one place. Some dogs were dressed up for a contest. We walked behind one for a while, our dogs kind of looked at him as if to say, “What’s up with that?”

Our dogs all figured that it was probably just another distraction set up by Aunt Faye and left the little guy alone. No behavior issues from them!


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  • Micah, Zoey, Beau, Cap & Happy
    Micah, Zoey, Beau, Cap & Happy
  • Pretty yellow iris and pretty dogs!
    Pretty yellow iris and pretty dogs!
  • Police canine handlers and dogs after their demo.
    Police canine handlers and dogs after their demo.