Getting Started

Training with Aunt Faye's Dog Training begins with a FREE evaluation with you and your dog. This gives us the opportunity to assess and discuss what problems you may be having, what goals you have, as well as give us a feel for your dogs personality.  Please use the form under the Contact tab at the top of the page, or you may call or email, to set up this appointment which can be done at our location at no charge or we can come to your home if you prefer for only a small fee of $50.

Camp Programs

Super Star Camp

If you don’t have the time or the desire to devote to training, this is the program that does it all for you.  Your dog will stay with us for two weeks and we will teach him to be a polite and well-mannered family member.  We will go for walks, hikes and visit different businesses in order for him to practice all his new skills in a variety of environments.

Private Lessons

Grand Dog Program

You will enjoy walking your dog, having him come when called, and sit and lay down when told upon completion of these lessons.  This program depends the most on you.  We have four sessions, one may be at your home if you wish. 

Puppy Enrichment

Start your puppy off right with this in home visit. We'll provide you with information on topics such as housebreaking, play biting, grooming routine and how to introduce new and different people, places and things to your puppy. The cost of this program is $95.

Housebreaking Program

Housebreaking solutions for the dog that just hasn't gotten it yet. Some dogs can be more difficult than others to housebreak. We offer a one time session in your home to help you create a plan for housebreaking that is geared to you and your dog. The cost of this program is $95.