Customer Testimonials

Our youngest son and daughter-in-law have a 7 year old Golden-doodle, Brighton, who is a 56 lb white ball of energy with a delightful personality. Due to a job transfer, they moved from wide open spaces of Colorodo, to city living in a 3 story town house with a tiny patio for a yard in Washigton, D.C. Walking Brighton had become too much as Brighton towed everyone wherever she wanted to go, even attempting to chase squirrels & rabbits. This behavior posed a danger to our daughter-in-law with a toddler in tow and a newborn on the way especially going up and down stairs to take her out.

Our son confided in us that they we looking for a home for Brighton and asked if we would be interested in adopting her. After some discussion, my wife and I told our son we would not be able to keep Brighton permanently, but we would love to keep her temporarily until our granddaughter was born and they were able to move to a house with a yard. We also told them we would try to teach her some manners while we fostered her. So Brighton came to Dayton, Ohio to enjoy running in our large fenced yard and we spent several months attempting to teach Brighton basic manners like heel, sit. stay, and down-- with no success. Having had dogs in the past, we thought we were dog people who could train a dog. However, this big lovable giant needed professional help. 

We knew about Aunt Faye from my wife's thirteen year involvement in pet therapy with our two English Cocker Spaniels. The Grand Dog Program with the one-on-one training and then group classes has turned Brighton into a well behaved dog who has learned to control her impulsive behavior. We can't thank Faye enough for making it possible for Brighton to rejoin her family.



Don & Mary Osborne

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Aunt Faye’s make training fun for the dogs and their owners by using real life situations, along with the basics and some advanced techniques. They also take the time to work on dog specific concerns (at home or elsewhere) and teach you how to “read your dog”. I get a lot of compliments on how well behaved my boxer, Cassie, is while walking her around town (usually off leash), and it is all because of the training she and I received from Aunt Faye’s Dog Training.

Ron Martin & Cassie

Happy is my Border Collie mix and like the child in the nursery rhyme, when she's sweet, she's very sweet and when she's not she's a P.I.T.A. She was adopted from the local SPCA shelter. At first, she was a very sweet and playful puppy, but then she and I had some rough times. I was slow to get her in training. Not before she'd shown some human aggression. I tried a private trainer but it was clear that we needed more help. Finally, I was referred to Aunt Faye's Waiting for a commandDog Training. And that is where we turned the corner.

I was smart enough to know that I was responsible for the problems, but didn't know how to turn things around. Aunt Faye talked about options and recommended using the remote collar.  She suggested a demo and very quickly I saw my problem dog walking placidly and responding to commands. My first reaction was that this was magic. How could she get such an immediate response? My second reaction was a big sigh of relief...maybe there was hope for Happy and me.

After the demonstration, Happy came back to me and lay down. She was calm and quiet. I knew by her reaction that she was comfortable with Aunt Faye and her training methods. After the two weeks of training, Happy came home with a new outlook on life and a new respect for what she needed to do for me. I was invited to attend group class so that I would have the chance to practice our new training with other dogs and owners. Group walks, classes and agility have been great opportunities to reinforce OUR training!

So, what's new about the new Happy? Calmness. Attention. Focus. With the training she and I received and the help of the training collar, Happy pays attention to what I ask. One of the best commands she learned is "place". I point at a spot and give the command and she goes there and stays. A dog obeying!! What a concept!! Happy is happy and thriving. She enjoys walks and rubs and is learning new commands. She's great fun!!

Thanks Aunt Faye’s Dog Training

Moya Jones



Several years ago we lost the best dog we ever had. We were devastated and thought we could not live without a dog in the house. We went to the pound and brought home the cutest little 6 week old puppy. Only it turned out to be the demon dog! She was everywhere, in the trash, dragging it all over the house, chewing everything in sight, shoes, socks, pant legs….and when we would try to correct her, she had this snappy thing going on with her mouth. We needed help! I called several training places, but liked Aunt Faye’s Dog Training because she offered a free evaluation as well as one on one training. My 6 month old puppy began learning basic commands but she still had a mind of her own. Little did I know that I needed as much training as the dog (Maybe even more.) The remote collar has worked wonders for us and made it possible for our dog to stay in the family. We completed our one on one training and went on to group class. Now after 4 years my dog Zoey and I still learn new things, but mostly come to class now and then for fun. Aunt Faye made it possible for Zoey to become a loving member of our family.

Patty Wood & Zoey