Fun Events with a Dog

This summer has been a busy one with lots of events going on. Many are very dog friendly and it is a perfect way to proof the skills you have taught your dog. Here in the Dayton, Ohio area, there are several annual events. One is called the Furry Skurry. It is held in the spring each year and raises funds for the Humane Society of Greater Dayton . This year our group included Sawyer, Happy, Beau, Molly & Captain, along with their owners. Happy’s owner wasn’t convinced Happy could do it. Just a little over a year ago, Happy was one of those dogs who barked and lunged at every dog she saw.  With training, Happy learned to walk along politely on leash, sit and down calmly and without barking.  Her owner also learned how to kep Happy focused on doing something instead of letting her get riled up on the things that distract her. She also learned that if she could remain calm and relaxed, happy could too. As you can see from the photo, she learned to sit among a group of other dogs. The dogs on the bench are doing a place command, the others are in a sit or down. After posing, their owners called them to come and we continued on the walk.

Molly brought along not only her mom Jean, but her Aunt Lois, too. She escorted them on their scooters.

In the top photo, Captain has a shirt on to keep a wound on his side clean. He had an accident running through the yard and had stitches in his side. The shirt kept him from scratching at it and helped  keep the dirt off.


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  • L-R Sawyer, Captain, Beau, Happy and Molly
    L-R Sawyer, Captain, Beau, Happy and Molly
  • Jean, Molly and Lois
    Jean, Molly and Lois