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I own a business called Aunt Faye’s Dog Training in West Milton, Ohio. That’s in the southwestern part of the state, near Dayton. I have been training dogs for over 10 years. I recently got myself a new puppy. He is an English Shepherd and is the first PUPPY I’ve had since 1974. I was a bit hesitant about a puppy because of the playbiting, chewing, housebreaking and general puppy behavior issues that all pups come with. I’m proud to say that he is doing quite well with all of that. He is a very good traveler, he has gone to New York for a visit with my family, a 12 hour trip. He also went with me to Wisconsin to a dog training educational event hosted by Robin MacFarlane of That’s My Dog.  He got to play with his brother Audie while he was there, as Audie’s owner, Janeen McMurtrie of Smart Dogs Training Center in Minnesota also attended the event. He met several nationally known trainers, including Linn Boyke of Zen4K9s, Mary Mazzeri of Care Dog Training,  as well as two Canine Coach’s. JT Clough, the Canine Coach of San Diego and Sharon Larson, Wisconsin’s Canine Coach.


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