New year, New Post

It’s hard to believe it’s the new year already. 2009. Wow. I’m not done making my list of resolutions yet. Oh well, I’ll still work on it. I think you can make a resolution to change at any time of year. So once again, I am going to resolve to post to this blog more often. Along with all the other usual stuff, more exercise, less food, more work, less play, blah blah blah. Actually, I think I might resolve to play more. Cap and I are going to work on the things I talked about in my last post, agility and disk dog stuff. I have to post the picture of him going over a jump while we were in Georgia, becasue I think he looks so cool doing it.

Having fun with your dog is important, so why not have fun as you both learn new things. I have done some agility stuff in the past but lost interest. Not having a dog to do it with may have been part of it, but now I think with Cap, it might be different. He seems like he might actullay get good enough for me to consider competing with him. We’ll see. I always enjoyed the agility classes I used to hold here at Aunt Faye’s Dog Training. My clients had fun doing it and I had fun teaching them and their dogs.
Since I have resolved to post here more often, I am not going to get too wordy. I don’t want it to get boring for the reader or the writer. It needs to stay fun for us all. Here is my current favorite picture of Cap having fun. Thanks to Renee Lamoureux for catching that moment of glee on film.


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    Cap jumping, Riff watching
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    A very happy dog.